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Save a Child is collaborating with LEO Innovation Lab (LEO Pharma) to  produce a digital platform that will enable us to help save the lives of children in areas where paediatric healthcare is limited. LEO has supported the development of the digital platform by donating technical know-how  and expertise in telemedicine.


With help from Vertical Strategy, a Beta launch was conducted  and the concept has been tested and validated. The technical requirements for both the mobile App and the desktop platform have been specified and  the user flow has been clearly defined.

We are in the process of developing the app using existing technology that is especially suited for resource constrained areas. 


Data compliance and mitigation of liability concerns are key focus areas and Save a Child has consulted with Legal experts in regard to digital child safety. Part of the legal indemnification process for using the App would include data protection regulation and observation/implementation of procedures as well as safeguarding for vulnerable children. 

“Having access to an emergency paediatric doctor under such circumstances would be amazing. Our tour in Mosul began with a lot of wounded soldiers but a few days into the fighting we started to receive civilian casualties. The kids were the worst and hardest to deal with. I would have given a lot to have had a paediatrician alongside me, or access to specialist advice.”

Chris Shaw

Combat Medic, Mosul 2017

This innovative approach to paediatric emergency response will present an opportunity for paediatric specialists from the international community to use their expertise to help save the lives of children in areas where resources are limited. We already have a comprehensive team of specialists ready to deliver online consultations completely free of charge, supporting the work of local health services and International Aid Agencies throughout the world.

Field clinicians can send an ‘Alert’, upload information and classify the case according to the patient's needs. i.e. traumatic injury, dermatology, neurology, orthopaedics, nephrology etc. Save a Child will then scan the database of Paediatric Specialists, identify the most relevant experts and invite them to assist in the case by sending an alert to their mobile phone, ipad or computer. The specialist can then choose whether to accept the case and spend a few minutes examining the information before communicating directly with the field clinician to advise on diagnosis and/or treatment. 



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